Preventing Hot Tire Pick Up In Your Epoxy Floor Coating

Hot tire pick up is a concern of many homeowners and installers alike. Vehicles pulling into the garage floor after being on the road on a hot summer day can wreak havoc on a poorly installed floor. Knowing what the root causes are can help you reduce or completely avoid this issue from popping up.

What Causes Hot Tire Pick up

After being on the road for some time, tires tend to get hot. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a hot summer day. Tire, like many other things in our life are prone to expansion and contraction. Once on the road tires heat up and expand. Then when the vehicle gets home and pulls into the garage the tires begin to cool off and start to contract. The contraction combined with the heat can cause problems with a poorly installed floor.

Prep Correctly And Take Extra Precautions

You will want to make sure the area is prepared correctly. The profile on the floor has to be rough as it is key that the epoxy not be applied to a smooth surface. One extra thing installers can do to help prevent hot tire pick up is to take a closer look at the location where cars always park. Since car tires pick up oils and residues from off the street they tend to deposit them on the surface of garage floor where they park their vehicles all the time. The tires themselves might even leave behind some rubber residues as well. These particular areas might need some extra care when it comes to grinding. All of the residue should be removed completely. In very limited situations you might even need to use a cleaner. You need to be sure that the epoxy product will have full contact with the actual concrete and not have some filmy residue layer in between the coats.

This is something that needs to be looked at when estimating. Any highly soiled areas may need extra work. You may or may not want to charge the client extra for addressing the issue. You will absolutely want to write it down in your notes so you or your installers remember to give those areas extra care.  

Always Use High Quality Epoxy

Contractor have the option to choose which system they sell and install. A good contractor understands the benefits of such a system and will always opt for a better product. Some contractors will choose to go with a lesser quality product simply so they can provide a lower price to their client thus landing the contract for work. I would prefer to lose the bid than have to warranty the project once it fails. You could potentially lose a boatload of money on remediating the issue. Another trick contractors will use it to apply a lower quality base/primer coat thinking that the higher quality top coat will endure the brunt of it. While that may be true to a certain extent it can lead to delamination of the top coat from the base coat due to a poor mechanical bond. Use a better quality epoxy through and through and save yourself from future heart ache.

Here is a breakdown:

  1. Prep your floors the right way
  2. Take extra care to address the spots where the cars always park
  3. Use quality product for base, mid and top coats


With the right prep work and a good quality product hot tire pick become a non-existent problem. Make sure your guys know how important it is to nail the prep work. Both grinding and clean up take equal importance. Goodbye Hot tire pick ups.

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