How To Remove Oil or Grease From Your Garage Floor

If you want a very long lasting garage floor coating installed you need to be rid of any contaminants that may be present on the surface or just below the surface. Oils and greases are the typical culprits in garages. This article covers the methods true professionals use to perform their clean ups.

Microbial Product

Microbial products have enzymes that eat at oil and grease contamination. I was not using my words loosely. The enzymes literally eat the oil and grease.  It is very well suited to be used not only in for your floor prep but also as a maintenance product.

Before you begin to do any of your grinding you will want to be sure you are rid of any containment otherwise you run the risk of pushing them deeper into the concrete. So first step is to clean.

How To Use It

Apply the product to the concrete then scrub it in to the affected areas of the concrete slab. You will want to allow it to sit at least 20 minutes. Those little creature have an appetite for oils and greases so the longer you wait and let it sit, the longer it has to work and the more the enzymes will eat.

Often times you may need to scrub a few times and repeat the process in order to get deep enough into the stain before you can install your garage floor coating system.  As previously mentioned always do this process before you do your mechanical prep.  It should give you a deep enough clean, long enough for you to install your floor. I say long enough because sometime when cleaning up badly contaminated areas you sometime just push the contaminants deeper into the concrete and the eventually just resurface.

If you clean up well enough and apply you floor soon after the contaminates will not have a chance to resurface as the epoxy will have done an effective job at mechanically bonding itself to the top surface.

Other Uses

Sometimes people just want a clean concrete floor and a Microbial product is the answer. Its very easy to do and produces the most effective results. Just keep in mind that there is a formula for petroleum based oils and food based oils.

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