A List Of Trade Associations In The Epoxy Floor Coating Industry

It’s always good to research your industry before entering into it. Once you are in the trades the education doesn’t stop. You should stay on top of the latest trends and products so you can consider yourself a leader in the industry. Trade associations can help. There are many organizations and trade associations that can help you out by offering insightful, hands on training and practical information or courses related to floor coatings. I’ve put together a list of them that you can look into.





Cal Poly

North Dakota State University.

Chemical Coaters Association International

University of Akron, Akron Polymer Training Center

Eastern Michigan University

Be careful when considering who you get your training from. Some of these providers can be short sighted and focus on selling products while others focus on the long term. You want to attend a place that is concerned with your learning strategies and techniques and want to make sure you are successful. As with any type of education, schools that are for-profit can sometimes create situations that put the schools needs first and the students second. Try to choose a place that puts the student’s education first.

No matter where you choose to attain your knowledge, you should always stay on top of the latest changes and trends in the floor coating industry. On-going education is part of any professional life. Attending some of these training classes will take effort. It might mean that you have to be away from your family for a couple of days. It might set you back a few dollars, but the advantages of getting hands on training by seasoned veterans can be priceless. It will pay for itself with the associated costs of preventable and repeated failures that you will be avoiding.

Here is a picture of Piotr who I met at a training course I attended. You can see he is screening the floor. This is my very first flooring project I sold and installed. We are good friends to this day.

Don’t forget to network while you are there. When I first started out I was able to attended some courses and was able to forge a very meaningful relationship with a high level manufacturing rep, a sales rep for Jon-Don which helped me start my biz and an installer that actually helped me install my first flooring project. FYI, I am an introvert so no excuses.

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