3 Simple Tips You Can Consider When Installing A Garage Floor Coating

After years of installing garage floor coatings the typical contractor will develop little tips and tricks that make the job run smoother. Many times those ideas came about due to mistakes that were made on the job site or not having the right product to address the issue at hand. I’m here to share with you some of those tips and tricks so that you are better prepared to tackle on your next garage floor coating project without any mistakes (or at least less of them, lol).

Microbial Cleaning Product

This first tip is simply something that I recommend having in every tool truck. You may not need it for every project but in the event you do it will be at arm reach. An microbial cleaning product can be used to clean up many stubborn stains that a grinder might have issues removing. There are two kinds, one that is used for Motor oil, Cutting oil, Hydraulic oil, Gasoline, Diesel and heating fuels which are Petroleum based. The other version is more for food based Oils, Fats (animal and vegetable), Grease, Solvents, Alcohols and sugars. Depending on what your market niche is you may want to have one or the other. Most garage floor installer will just get the one designed for Petroleum based clean ups. The microbials in these product break down the grease or oils into digestible pieces then they eat it. Pretty neat huh? Typically these types of cleaner can clean down to a depth of 1/4″ deep.

Clean Up Bucket

This is one that I always do right before mixing any of my products. I grab a medium sized mixing bucket (preferably one that has a lid). I also grab my can of denatured alcohol and some rags. I throw the rags into the bucket and douse them with denatured alcohol. If I have a lid I will keep it on so the rags stay very moist. If you don’t have a lid don’t worry the rags will stay wet enough to work. Now in the event that you have a simple mistake such as getting epoxy on a surface that is not supposed to have any you can quickly grab a rag and clean it up.

Preventative Measures

You can never guarantee that you will not spill any product in the course of working. Typically you set up the mixing station outside of a garage you are working on or outside of a home where you are installing a basement coating. In or to be 100% that you will not get any epoxy where it is not supposed to be is to put down some tarp or paper. If you are working on a garage then you can tape off the edge as you normally would then bring the tarp to that edge and tape the tarp down. Doing this will ensure that nothing will spills on the driveway in the process of transporting the epoxy from the mixing station. If its a basement that you are working on than you will want there to be paper rolled on the floor where you will be stepping. The paper need to be placed in the path that leads from the mixing station all the way to the basement. The installer should be able to not have to walk on a surface that is not covered.

Notice how the tarp is taped up to the edge of the garage floor.

But We Already Put Tarps Down!

Many of you read the last tip and where probably thinking it was a waste of time since you already put down tarps. More than likely you do not take it serious and simply throw a tarp where the mixing station will be. If you have ever had a major mishap then you would understand the serious need to securely tape the tarp up to the edge of the garage and minimize any clean up should you spill any product. You could go years without having any issues, but when you do you will regret it if you didn’t have the walking path tightly secure up to the edge of your coating install.


There you have it. Just some very simple tips that you may or may not be employing today. Hopefully that is not the case and you were able to glean at least one nugget of information from this to help you along your path of installing concrete floor coatings.

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